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讓我們更加喜愛清酒吧! Let's enjoy more with Sake!


Do you know which one of wine that does not make you feel hangover?



Correct! It's Sake!



Sake is kind of a high-quality art wine, if you wanna get drunk, sake will not be a preferred one.

是時候展現出來 It's time to show out!

凡是敝公司參加過此次演講或品酒會,可得此頁面連結QR code!

Anyone who has participated in the speech or wine tasting, you will get this page of a link or QR code!



You will get the benefit below:



10% off when you purchase any sake or wine in Hofatown.


You will get any priority booking for every Hofatown event. 


Get free ticket of wine show which is most huge and popular in Taiwan from us by mail!



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